Take a minute to sit and get quiet.

Then imagine what your life would be like, how it would feel, how you would behave if alcohol was small and irrelevant in your life? 

If you got a journal, write that shit down! 

If you are having a hard time creating space for a brighter future, you’re in the right place. Awareness is the seat of change, and you are clearly aware that you are feeling trapped in a cycle of dependency you didn’t think would happen. But it did happen. It happened for me too. It’s happening for millions around the wrold, and it’s happening for you too. 

How can addiction happen for us? 

It happens to get our attention. Someting is not working and addiction is waving it’s hand like a maniac; hollaring at you to notice there’s a problem. The great thing about addiction, you don’t have to stay stuck in the story of what is happening to you. You can change that story to experience how life is happening for you. Private Coaching is one of many resources out there to not just help you quit drinking, but to actually change your relationship with alcohol.

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We don’t just quit drinking. 
We change our relationship with alcohol.

Alcohol-Free As Fuck!

Bill Masters

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Yup, that’s me!

Here’s the thing, what’s happening in that video isn’t polished or professional. It’s messy. When one drinks for 40 years, life gets messy.

What’s missing from my story? Two suicide attempts, one cocaine overdose, 4 years of crystal methamphetamine, and a whole lot of drama. Yet, I’m still here and I’m a goddamn treasure!

You can probably see my nervousness, talking with my hero, Annie Grace, ignoring the bullet points I wrote down, doing my best to be present in this podcast. It just became what it is. I’m going to assume that if you watched all of it and are going to scroll down further, your life is feeling pretty messy too.

I was a trauma drinker who looked like the life of the party. I was a happy drunk. Some people call it high functioning. I call it a cluster-fuck. I was miserable. I’m sorry that you are probably feeling miserable too. It doesn’t have to stay this way, because there is a way out.

I believe all people are inherently powerful.
I believe forgiveness begins with me.
I believe in science, grace and compassion.
I believe that everything you need to be fucking awesome is right there inside you.

We don’t just quit drinking. We change our relationship with alcohol. Book a 45-minute Free Coaching Session and I’ll share the differences between the two, and how it made my journey much easier than I imagined.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Work with Me

Having options is awesome! Changing your relationship with alcohol is a unique and individual experience. During our Free Coaching Session we will work on a program that best fits your needs, based on where you are right now, and we will modify that program as you progress.

Sobriety doesn’t just miracurously happen. There are some people who get to experience the joy of spontaneous sobriety, and I’ve met a few who’ve done it. Seriously - get on with your bad self.

However, for the rest of us, we got work to do.

How you approach this is going to make the world of difference. Are you going in with fear or love? Probably both. Right? It’s just how it is. It feels real uncomfortable before it begins to feel better, and then it gets uncomfortable again, and then it feels better. When I started my journey, sometimes I felt like I was in a prison, and sometimes it felt like I was on a playground.

The tenents of my coaching practice are as follows:

  • Rigorous Honesty, Self-Care and Self-Compassion

  • Curiosity

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • The principles of This Naked Mind

  • The Work of Byron Katie

You will learn, as I did, that this journey has very little to do with alcohol, and more to do with who you are and how you perceive and participate in your experiences.



"You are an amazing coach. You shine so brightly and are truly an example of using our past, as ugly as it may be, to find purpose and peace. You have become the dearest of friends and I'm so happy to have you in my life! (A goddamn treasure actually. 😂)"

Cathy D. 

Cathy was my first client and my first testimonial


In the podcast with Annie, I mentioned that I was going to The School for The Work, with Byron Katie. Annie was all, “Hey, I’m going too!”

I was on the fence about doing this 9-day seminar. I knew I wanted to know more about The Work, and I wanted to have more tools available to help me experience more happiness in my life. I also knew it would be a lot of hard work, going within, and changing the stories I was telling about my experiences. When I found out that Annie was going, of course I signed up.

This is us!

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